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A Most Eloquent Bridge & reMerging of Science & Spirit as ONE

It's people like Dr. Zach Bush, who are really pushing the boundaries on science and not just talking about it being spiritual, but proving that the two exist in the same breath


I so very much appreciate Aubrey Marcus in the way that he seems to get out of his guest, things that others do not.

I wouldn't be the first to say that this conversation is like a dance, with a beautiful poetic flow to it.

Both beautiful wise souls, imparting life experiences, intertwined with seeds of change, that are already taking root.

Enjoy this powerful conversation:


Also, here's another one, this time Aubrey Marcus being the guest on Ed Mylett's show.

I appreciate the conversation between two men who expose their own vulnerabilities. Not that I followed closely when he was in open relationships, and candidly discussing it on his podcast, I started to tune into Aubrey more recently, when he made a 180 and chose monogamy, and marrying within months of ditching the polyamory lifestyle, all the while still singing it's praises. A point from which to step from and elevate, into the here and now. All things/experiences are here to serve us, and perception is key in that stepping up and elevating into a higher consciousness.

In my world, seeing this (and other men doing the same), confirms what I know to be true, despite its yet invisibility: the world is balancing out, we're all healing and so much of that has to do within ourselves. The masculine and feminine within each of us are coming into even keel. Do remember, seeing is believing is a false paradigm or old program. Believing/knowing is Seeing. Vibration, then thought, then thing....

I leave you to it.


Last but not least, I've not made mention of this for a while, but wish to now. Volume 1 of Life and Teaching of the Masters of The Far East is complete and on youtube for your listening pleasure, and I'm already half way through Volume 2.

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