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Boho (Meets) Chicque

5 February, 2018

Been dreaming of these pants quite literally since I studied #fashion design ages ago 

-kind of a pant/skirt combo. 

Finally got my self in gear and whipped these together, and am totally in love with them.

They are that "hippy-ish" sort of #harempant, BUT made from suiting fabric. 

Ultra comfy, really diverse, with being able to dress them up or down, with pair of heals and a thick wooley cable knit poncho, or simply with a t-shirt and flats. 

Certainly a staple item for spring 2018 in my wardrobe ~ made by me, with a

whole lotta joy ;)

Food + Fashion  = happy me

What's your happy? 

♥ ☮∞


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