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Creative Foreplay II


And done ;) 

I spoke of creative foreplay in an older post, whereby I start numerous design projects, which assist in my creative flow towards other things. 

I started this top before I the 1year hiatus to my Sanctuary- 143, Mum&Dad's place - and I just finished it. 

It changed in design from my original intent, from a dress to a tunic/chemise, with a neckline I'd been wanting to do since my hiatus. 

I love the way it turned out, and putting that very last stitch in - my little red heart in the left sleeve - filled my heart, much as the process of making this top.

It's a sportive mesh fabric, though you won't find me doing any sort of push-ups or squats in it. 😉


Now then, onto the next item- which I'm crazy excited about. Been making it in my mind for the past month and now that I see it completed, I may commence. 

I have the lovely Tina Turner to accompany me with her stunning Lotus Sutra, which makes for all kinds of special, right here, right now. 

Very much love and peace to you. 


♥ ☮∞ 


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