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Can We Collectively See Past Duality/Polarity...?

Back in the day, Saturday morning cartoons used

to consist of Rainbow Brite, The Care Bears, He-man, She-ra, Hercules...

and later on, Jem and the Holograms, sort of stuff.

In every show, there was a struggle, and good always won out over evil.

For evening entertainment, we had the family type shows, like the Cosby's, Growing Pains, or Who's The Boss?, etc.

A couple of things..

It seems these days, evil has won and no one was the wiser, (as granted it's an evening show), the likes of "Lucifer" have not only taken over, but the main stud himself has even crept into advertising. (If I remember correctly, there is dating app which features Lucifer finding his match.


In 2017, when at a school in Laa An Der Thaya, Austria, one of the brightest and outspoken kids (13/14years old), towards the end of my five day project told me that he was practicing Satanism. I hadn't even known that it was a thing one could practice equal to any other religion...

Rewind just a little to summer 2020, when a child of eight, regularly questioning whether or not he was a good person, was also regularly proclaiming the "dark side," demons and such. (Based on a certain very popular video game among young kids, from their formative years well into their teens (as far as I'm aware), which are so very good at putting young minds into an hypnotic trance and then feeding them with "information," much like television does.

A rather horrible example of this would be from a school I worked at a year ago in a "blink and you miss is it," village, in Austria.

A young boy, barely into teenage-hood, deeply involved in his game of shooting and killing, who when "bothered," by his mother to get off, did so. Yet entranced, he got right off his device and killed his mother.


Enough Enough Enough of that.


The second of a couple of things:

As pointed out, we've gone from good winning out evil, to evil creeping in the back door, and now what?

Now we don't know who's what and what's what.

I ask all of us to release the polarity, as remember, good and evil, are on opposite ends of the same stick. How can we come to the middle of the stick? What is good ? And what is evil? What if nothing were "any thing," without title, just as they were?

Let us all just look around and see how we are contributing to the polarity, not just looking outwardly and pointing at others. If we can stop focusing on good or bad, it will stop presenting itself around us (directly or indirectly).


In the past, I have shared things not coming from mainstream media, focusing rather on the alternative. I see how I have perpetuated duality and I am at present doing my best to stay even kilter, to go nowhere for "information," as everything I truly need is within myself, and that is all I wish to share with you.


How are you faring? How can you be the best version of yourself just now?

As always, very much love to and for you,


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