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Dear Readers,

As creator of this website and blog, every now and again, I fiddle around with my settings.

Yesterday, upon finishing my last post, Almost Homeless, I happened to change my settings so that the post would go out to all subscribed.

In all honesty, the list isn't important to me, -hence I don't know who's on the receiving end of this message. That said, what is important is telling stories, sharing my heart and perhaps touching yours.

Specifically, this very message comes to you now, because yesterday, upon realizing that the list is much bigger than I'd known due to a surprising amount of return messages, I had wanted to switch off the "send to all subscribers," though I was not able to. I took that as sign to leave things as they are, and of course should I not resonate with You, please do unsubscribe.

In either case, gracious thanks for your time.

With great love,


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