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"Down To Earth" (Documentary)

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

This is re(al) education.


A man and woman, pierce the veil of conventionality in an effort to find the Keepers of The Earth, with their three young children in tow.

They discover, and uncover much on their journey, not only about the Earth Keepers, but themselves and one another also.

This is no longer the future of education, it's happening.

It is not that we deserve more and better for our children, it is that we are worthy, and with that self worth, we are real-eyes, we are free.

Governance as it is at present, is a form of subjection, subordination over people, to no one's "fault," It is the way it's always been. But if we find ourselves questioning the outer, that we don't get the answers we need, as an individual and henceforth, a populous, then might it be time to change the structure itself, perhaps remove the veil?

Let us learn from this beautiful family, the young children, all those they encountered, what true sovereignty is.


A couple of strong quotes from the film:

"You have to study and focus on the mind-heart connection. Only then will you be able to take on the responsibility to lead, and use your knowledge. Just walk smooth on the straight path, and everything will come. Walk that straight road, let nothing block you. When the time is right, you will walk up to your destiny."

Mama Lak Lak, Aboriginal Medicine Woman of Yolngu tribe.

This incredible woman, is at the helm of an island off north coast of Australia, to whom and where troubled boys are sent for "reformation."


"....this is all the world is when you realize that you're not satisfied with the way things are, that you start being a seeker.....not somebody else's truth, but your own..."

Nowaten, Original American, Medicine man


With Great Love & Peace, to and for You,



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