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Easy Peasy 2.0


Still in my creative flow outside the kitchen, fast food came about again, and I do love soup. 

This one, much the same as my last post, though, 

  • minus the peas

  • with rice noodles &

  • with a delicious garnish made of black sesame seeds, crushed & pan toasted peanuts, tamari, nooch, and nori flakes.  

  • as is obvious, the whole thing was blitzed (and in my eagerness to get back to designing, fast food became "slow down kid," as I flicked the wrong switch on the blender, with soup ending up e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Got the message, Universe.  

Usually it's a party in my mouth but this...Oh God, this was divine- Heaven in my mouth- well worth the slow down. 

Please, play with your food, even if it's a grilled cheese sandwich- even that can go from an average meal to fine food - trust me 😉.  

A wonderful weekend to you. 


♥ ☮∞ 


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