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Updated: Mar 2, 2018

24 November 2017

Truly, with so many of my meals, when asked what's in them, I respond with "guess?"

And finally, the answer is usually, "everything but the kitchen sink."

I love different textures, colours, combinations of hot and cold etc etc in my creations.

Take this salad nestled under the carrot paprikas, it's "simply" thinly sliced iceberg with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, a cherry tomato, garlic, nooch, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, a childs palmful of raisins and, the kicker, pan-fried courgette. The hot, the cold, the sweet and salty, the soft and crunchy..the most perfect marriage, and quite literally a party in my mouth, bite after bite. ;D

The paprikas? Well indeed, once upon a time it was chicken.

I learned from the best- a dear old friend of Hungarian origins- Angela Mehes, who taught me well, the old fashioned way, inclusive of sour cream and homemade dumplings/spaetzle.

Being plant based, I've found that carrots fare quite well, and they didn't disappoint today. In fact, coupled with the red split peas I added, heaps of onion, paprika and nooch instead of sour cream, I imagined - whilst eating - throwing the paprikas into a blitzer, adding brown rice and a few other bits to make burgers. A total winner, and perfect with the salad, almost BLT like, I swear it. One only need close their eyes and use that immense imagination.

And on that note, as with the last food post, for God's sake - truly- play with your food! ;)

Or drop me a line and I'll come round, play with the food you have in your kitchen and create you a tasty masterpiece.

☮M ♥∞


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