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Free Breathwork with Like Minded Souls

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

Often I have said when there seems like no way out, and we've lost absolute control, or cannot control which unfolds around us, the only place to go is inside.

All the details are below. The session is led by Kim Kindersly, an award winning film maker, along with generally one other from The Alchemy of Breath team.

In short, you're breathing on purpose, with other like minded beautiful souls, who are knowing of their creator selves, and already see what is yet invisible: the end of this global situation, and a new that is so profound, so colourful, so light, so beautiful, that it's almost beyond imagination.

Love is the new foundation, and common-unity, or community. Join us if you feel called.

The experience for me has been utterly profound, and having joined three times already, (Tuesdays & Sundays), I can strongly say that despite whatever other "work," I do in a day, this is the real work. I give my express gratitude to all these folks, for just being. This breathwork with others, has been so uplifting.

Perhaps see you at the next session, amongst a couple hundred other beautiful souls. ​♥​♥​♥

Blessings, love and continued strength your way, all ways.




"Every Tuesday at 6.30 pm UK time please register here -

Or just meet us here at 6.30 pm UK time

Topic: Ceremonial BreathWork session

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 928 7493 6342

Passcode: Breathe

We have an extra session also on Sunday April 9th at 5pm UK time.

#BreatheTheWorld – USA / Europe on Sunday 05:00 PM – London Time Online Room Access Link:

Passcode: Breathe"

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