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Fusion Food at its Best

From 17 January, 2017

The best of both worlds: Indian curried kidney beans, inside Italian tortellini, all made with love:)) 

Last week, in a bit of a conundrum- not being able to decide what to eat for breakfast, I combined Nicky's (my sister) tortellini with mums exquisite rajma (curried kidney beans). I was eating them separately, but then dipped the tortellini into the curry and without a seconds thought, the idea was born. 

I put aside some rajma, into the freezer until the day I would need it. That day came, and for the first time, I made my own pasta, which ended up as these cute as heck tortellini.

Indeed, I blitzed the rajma, (to which i added nutritional yeast and more coriander), then gingerly placed a small amount into rounds of pasta before shaping. Serious serious fun. 😊 

I wasn't sure how they'd turn out as a first timer, so boiled a few whilst frying a few flat tortellini- both were absolutely gorgeous.  __ Still playing....🙃


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