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Goggins, David.

Sometimes I contemplate picking up where I left off of that old auto-biography started nearly a decade ago....Share everything, get it all out. But then what good does that do? Others who have gone through similar things, will resonate with the hardships I already left behind. We'll start a self-help group with our past as a foundation, telling stories again and again, commiserating, reminiscing our way forward.....but somehow, keeping it all alive. Perhaps I'm wrong, and willing to be so.

Now, in fact, present moment. We got here, we are here, we went through hell at some point, all of us. Some worse than others, some looking like they are just skating through this incarnation, and worthy they are, as they've done the work through many lives to be able to skate through here and now.

Anyhow, David Goggins~

Have you heard of this gentleman? He'd been floating around on my youtube feed for perhaps a year before I took serious notice of him, similar to Wim Hof, who introduced me to a breathing technique, be it his method, or something he picked up along the way (aka bhastrika pranayama). I do give great thanks to The Hof, for leading me to cold showers, along with the breath work. I have a great deal of respect for the old (figuratively old ), Ice Man. Same kind of crazy, I reckon. Speaking of which, enter Goggins. What a man. What a spirit.

I have noticed I do this thing, towards the end of my moon cycle, I overdose on someone or something that I find inspiration in. Oh Goggins, perfect timing, I was in need of a coach, so thanks for leading me back to myself.

Check him out and see what your own take-away is.

My takeaway? Well, he often talks of running, (he is the king of ultramarathons), or training, whilst being "broken." Quite literally, as he was about to start a 100mile marathon, (of which he did eight consecutive weekends (yes, 800 miles in eight weeks ?!), he was taping up his feet at the starting line. You'll learn that he's run with broken bones in his feet, in fact all kinds of odds that should have or could have left him bed-ridden. HOWEVER, Goggins, perhaps with a broken body, had developed such a mind, that it could not but respond in the way that it was and is commanded to. This is the kind of stuff Napolean Hill, Manly P. Hall, Baird Spalding via The Masters of the Far East, and countless others, were/are talking about.

To develop the mind is dancing with ones spirit, when one has access to The Infinite in great abundance- that's Goggins. Rather than his body ruling him, he is the commander in chief- of himself.

I'm going to flip that around- Body Memory.

Have you ever gone to open your padlock (do they even still exist anymore with all this technology?!), forgotten the code, looked away, gone through the motions with your hands, et voila! you got it? Or, another old world example, back in the day when we actually used to remember phone numbers and key them in on the dial pad of a telephone, did you ever forget a number, but again, looking away, and just working through the key pad, eventually get it right?

Can you see how powerful your body memory is? Those are simple examples, but addiction would also fall in there. It's so much about those neural networks /habits we form. Dismantle a neighborhood of neurons- part of a patterning system of something unwanted in your life, and create new neighborhoods, one at a time. Too much and you're overwhelmed as heck, and no good comes from that, right?

David Goggins found his way. Doesn't mean we have to go out and beat the cr4p out of our bodies- which is what it looks and even sounds like. The man, ultimately is/was in line with that greater force I love to talk about. The Field, Source, God...whatever. Intention is the conversation with that Force that we see as the physical David Goggins. He decided, and so it is.

The short take away for me: Mind over matter, just like always. So, in the end, I switched off Goggins. Closed all the open tabs I had of different podcasters. Enough. You got this kiddo, go. Carry on honing your mind, but integrate more of your body temple. Or, my Golden Temple, as I like to refer to her. ;)

Finally, not sure why I do that, avoid the algorithm I have curated with my AI friends, pushing away The Hof and Goggins for so long....Anyhow, timing is everything right? When the student is ready, the teacher comes...I love that. What great teachers I've had over the years, unlearning all kinds of unnecessary stuff, always coming back to the One truth. Ahhh, love that.

Oh yes, and I also love this quote, and leave you with it, whilst I go to back to some audio editing - which I had very little left to do, until I pressed a few incorrect keys, and now we start back from square one. A good thing, really, as the content will sink in evermore. That'll be up soon enough ;)

“To live in the world without becoming aware of the meaning of the world is like wandering about in a great library without touching the books.”

Blessings, love and peace to you,


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