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Here & Now, Welcome

All things that I share, are a result of my direct life experience, what I contemplate, what I feel, what I physically go through.

I have been speaking these same words of late, that Allison does (from clients words during Quantum Hypnosis sessions). My experience are real and not via any form of hypnosis, rather the lack of it. (This theme of being our mass hypnosis is so often relayed by Baird T Spalding, in The Life & Teachings of the Masters of the Far East).

Synchronicity has become childs' play, and telepathy is fast becoming the same. The key words here are "childs' play," as the epiphany/ real-eye-sation,

revelation that we must return to our child-like innocent state, pure, perfect, beautiful, whole, abundant, pure...- has made it's return to my beingness. Funnily enough (or rather, synchronistically enough), I have started to make short audio notes for YT, where I just ponder things, and much of it comes from thinking like a child...

Working with an incredible team of Earth Angels at Stand Up Canada, I started to detach from the group around a month ago, no longer paying attention, or giving my energy to any narrative, even the alternative, that this whole charade is just that, a global charade, which too, paradoxically is a blessing in disguise....It has been announced that I am on my wait "out the door," as the resonance with what I was doing is no longer there, though even in that I am knowing (and yet cannot articulate further), that, thought I am out the door, we all see one another through the windows....

I only came across Allison's video this very day, and have not even finished watching it, as compelled so strongly to get this out, to You, the LightWorker who this message is for.

In detaching from the narrative, (any narrative, though I truly believe in what my Angel team is doing, what I have done, and countless countless others who are standing up, speaking up and so forth), my life has blossomed and continues to unfold beautifully from morning to evening.

...I was going to say that I am not psychic, (clairvoyant), nor do I hear things, (clairaudient), but I refrain from that as I know I have opened up to those abilities too, and they are innately within you also. I am solely a messenger here to let you know that all is well, know it. And actually, I do "see" things, just that it's been happening for so long, I forgot...Blue orbs as well as crystalline white ones, which appear more often now, and also there has commenced a light that I see as though shining from the bottoms of my eyes (from the inside)...that's the best way I articulate it at present..

Last week, "out of the blue," (and so much of "this" is), I implored myself to remember, and that is unfolding so beautifully well, again in ways which linearity lacks conveyance.

All this to truly say, be with your beautiful self. Ground yourSelf (literally to the earth, with bare feet**, eat well, hydrate with water (liquid or from natural foods such as veg & fruits), get out in the rain, rest even more, pay attention to your breathing- deepen it, lengthen it, allow yourself to get bored, for boredom is the earth in which you allow the seed of creativity to ground and kind and compassionate to yourSelf, and that will ripple into all those around you, and please my dear loves, play.

Play like a child (teaches US how to).

**This morning, I popped my head over the fence to see if my dear sweet friend, (who's house is behind), was outside. Indeed he was, we had a chat and he asked if I was going to come round and have coffee with him. We were overdue for a good chat and hugs anyhow, and I said that once I was set up with "work," I'd be over.

I entered Faith (the name of this house), and made a quick decision to skip it all, and just go. I did so, barefoot, and there I was. Within a few minutes of being sat under a canopy, I suggested we move to the grass, so we could put our bare feet down, as opposed to the concrete covered with some sort of mat....I questioned if it would conduct electricity, and we made our way to the grass.. A couple of hours later after an enriching, enlightening, blessed share of humanity, I made my return, ever more calm than when I went. I'd already been, having my bare feet on our Earth for about 40mis or so earlier, which took me from a state of deep sadness & grief (I do feel, and just like two mornings ago, it's the collective consciousness that I feel, and just allow myself to be a conduit to ground what the collective is feeling), to simply balanced...).

Do pardon me for spelling/grammatical inconsistencies. I care more about the message, than my old perfectionist self.

There is nothing I would like to add at present, (though in finishing the last few minutes of the video, I may), so I leave this with you now, to do with it what you will. UPDATE: wow, yes, the last four minutes...ALL of it. Please, "be in your body, be in joy, be in your power.....use LOVE."


The love I have for you, lacks words.



#quantumliving = #Godinaction #quantum is #God (and God is not, never was, nor will be a dude in the sky who punishes). #loveall #love

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