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I Lied, Then Went AWOL.

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Welcome back, myself included!

As per the title, I did kind of lie. Just looking at my last couple of posts, I'd said I was back on Instagram (for about a heartbeat), and also that I was so excited to share "Starting From Scratch," (an audio version of my daily writings on how I was changing my life), with you.

Whilst I did start (everything), the instagramming, and releasing recordings with a calculated three month lag time, well, life took over.

In short, soon after those last posts, I landed a job in Tuscany working with a small team of international vegan raw chefs at a villa close to San Gimignano.

It's a longer story than short, but for the purposes of this post, we keep it on the short side.

Essentially, the job wasn't meant to be - not for me, that is - and when it fell through, so did my life, so to speak.

In a heartbeat, I went from having what seemed like a dream job, to choosing to be homeless. Again, THAT is a longer than short story, so we tell that another time.

However, in short, deciding that I was no longer going to ask anyone for any sort of help, in choosing to be homeless, and fully surrendering my life to what for now I'll just call "The Great Universal Mind Substance," things panned out- always they do, when we relinquish the steering wheel of the car we were always meant to sit in the passenger seat of. Again, that's a BIG post, or video, not for right.

I've been kind of a pack rat in these last seven months since my last post, collecting stories, that is. Writing never stopped, and in fact, only increased, as did my intent to fully step into my power of truly creating and shaping my life. I did, I have, and continue to do so.

I have been witness to what may seem like miracles or magic to some. Sometimes I even call them that, especially to the (young) people I work with now, or happen to come across, anytime, anywhere.

Within six months of choosing to be homeless, I was able to purchase a ticket to go home, to the greatest loves of my life- my parents, and this time I didn't ask for a dime. This time, I was paying back, this time I had come to own my life- as always they had wished for me.

There's a reason why I'm not vlogging this just yet, I'm laughing and crying all the same - out of sheer happiness, remembering my trip home. Remembering our mini-vacation in Toronto, remembering my sisters, and brother, all my family, old and new. Oh the tears....tears of joy.

Anyhow, we carry on with stories, but for now, and what inspired me to come back, was You, You who has felt inclined to read these very words.

In thinking of you, I had a question, so I pose it now, in the video below. I have my answer, which I'll share some other time, but for now, this is yours. Do take your time with it and more than anything, the answer is for you. If you let it be, this is a gift- but one you give to yourself.

Very much love to you,


PS: Instagram...? At present, no thanks. Doing what I love and loving what I do, it just doesn't resonate. Here and now, just now&here.

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1 Comment

Andrea Vislocká
Nov 26, 2019

Maruška ❤️

“What would you do tomorrow morning if everything was taken care of?”

This question came in the perfect time. Thank you!!! Made me realized what I truly want and what I should be doing. Thank you thank you thank you. Lots of love to you and to all.

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