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Life & Teaching of the Masters of The Far East Book 5 (5min recordings)

In reading books 5 and 6 (which I had not before), I found myself recording short clips and sending them round to friends, due to their great profundity.

Out of order, in that I have not yet recorded book 3 (book 1 and book 2 are complete on Youtube), it seems silly to jump to book 5, however the final three books, need not be read in order.

Once I finish book 5, it is my intention to record book 3, and will be done in the same way as I am doing now - 5 minute segments, as opposed to chapter by chapter. Perhaps more digestable by you too, as is for me. Pardon the sound quality, as again, doing what's digestable, I am using my mobile as opposed to more professional mic and software, which involves a great deal of editing.

Truly, I just wanted to get the word out as quick as possible and it has been beyond an honour and pleasure, reading, then hearing these words again, has been life changing.

Every morning, after my walk catching the first glimpse of our Sun, then gazing into It, upon my return, I sit on the deck and do my five minutes from book 5, and for my personal read, I'm back into book 3 again, which I so look forward to reading for you.

Anyhow, do let me know how you get on with the five minute segments. For me, they are just enough to record in the morning and then listen to again, when I kick my feet up against the wall before I sleep.

Loads and loads of love to and for you. Please, find joy in your life, and actually, I conclude with a quote:



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