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A story from (& for),

Love and Peace For All,

Masonville Mall, London, Canada


There was a couple in the store when he entered,

And I'm not sure when exactly they left,

But there I was

Alone with Kyle.

Dear Michele (who manages the store)

Looked at me intently before leaving for the day

And asked in hushed tones

If I'd be ok alone (other co-angel\ worker) was on break.

I Am.

One to address people by name,

I already got his, though

I wasn't sure, as it came out quite muffled

Under his bandana

Which covered the entirety of his face

Aside from his eyes,

And too, he wore a hat.

His eyes were exposed,

and that was all that was


Kyle looked



Walked with a limp


-or trying to be-.

The store had emptied,

And I continued to serve him,

With curiosity in equal measure.

Again, I asked his name,

And finally got it right.


Upon entering, he had said that he'd

"Never been in a store like this before,"

And I welcomed him with the same sincerity,

-no different-

than any Other.

Sceptical of the store, myself,

perhaps the very idea of such a store,

He proclaimed that he was looking for something


I led him to obsidian

-raw form of hardened lava, black, beautiful, edgy,

for protection, & safety,

For absorbing negativity on his behalf.

He wasn't interested.

Made a (verbal) pass at me, (tried)

Which I gave no heed to,

carrying on with my own curiosity.

I noticed the heart shaped bruise

On the bridge of his nose

When his mask has slid down a touch,

And smiled to myself, thinking

"Oh Jesus,!" Who always presents to me Walking

In heart shape.

Walking over close to the incense wall,

He knelt down

In front of a display of

Various shaped crystals,

Skulls, butterflies, cats, Hamsa hand and such-

I did the same,

knelt down beside him.

Again he asked

"What's the most powerful thing in the store?"


I responded.

He gazed at me for a few moments too long,

-which I held-

And I could practically see his thoughts:

"But you're supposed to be scared of me,

think the worst of me...

Why are you being nice to me...?"

Carrying on,

He said he'd owned

Some Thing very powerful

In the past,

Which was taken from him,

Something that was firey,

Could even

Kill people.

I asked him if killed anyone.

"Yes," he said.

I did not falter, remained unphased, not flinching,

Calm as a cucumber.

If there was any more conversing after that,

I cannot not recall, and even to my surprise

He left shortly thereafter,

Wishing me a good day.


Some minutes later,

As far as possible from the store,

Walking along the wall across from the store,

I saw Kyle limp by, peering in.

I smiled,

as I carried on playing the tongue drum,

With its sweet sweet melody.


I recognised Kyle,

As I have many students/ others

In/ out of classrooms.

I recognised his call for attention,

And the only way he knows how to get it

Is to be rough, tough, a misfit.

I've been all That,

and that is how I (can) know him,

Recognising an old version of myself

In him.

And truly,

Though he might not articulate it the same way,

what Kyle is after,

Is love.

A smile, a conversation,

From someone "like me,"

-ultimately no different from him,

to notice Him,

to acknowledge his existence,

In a way different than he's used to.


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2 comentarios

08 dic 2022

Beautiful. I could feel each emotion. When you said "you".....YES!!!

This was on my birthday, coincidentally. xoxo

Me gusta
Manj I Am
Manj I Am
30 dic 2022
Contestando a

Sweet Melody! Happy Birthday all over again, today :** Let me know when you are in London, and come round to the store, It is truly a place of "magic...." or, better said, a vortex of goodness, where good happens again and again. Loads of love to you :*

Me gusta
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