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"Nazi's! Gestapo, get out!" ~Calgary Pastor who lived through communism in Poland

Easter weekend in Canada, and unlike last year, when no one really knew what was going on, and we all agreed to most everything being shut down, this year has been different.

Not in that the "pandemic," is gone, (well, that's a whole different conversation), but in that some are more aware than last year.

In the words of Paula Tucci,

"Legal rights are not the same as human rights- God-given rights - the rights we are inherently born with - to love, to gather and to work. No one gives us these rights, therefore, no one can take them away."

This man, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who lived through the tyranny of a communist regime in Poland, is fearless, in incorporating all three, and is well within his "rights," to do so.

Admittedly, I am seeing red right now, angry as heck, no, like a lioness who's cubs are being taken away, when even for a moment do I turn to what the Canadian government is now doing: becoming more and more as described in this video: overt communism, in the guise of a life threatening virus.

Death? We eat and drink food products, things made in factories by machines/robots, in packaging that tells us not only the nutritional content, but with great audacity, they tell us everything else they've added- and often time, they don't tell us.

Death? We spray all kinds of fertilizers on our lawns, like "round-up," that harm us to no end.

Death? How about the aspartame in SO MUCH OF THE FOOD PRODUCTS we love to purchase and eat. Aspartame? Agent Orange, if you like. That which was used in the Vietnam war, and killed so beings for a long long time after the war. But it's ok, you see, because it's in such minute amounts that if it did do anything bad, it would happen over such a long long time. My friends and I chewed gum as children- parents and teachers hated it- all the more reason to do it, sound familiar? Chewing gum, aimed at kids, with its sugary fake flavours of strawberry, and blueberry, and banana....Bad for your teeth children? Oh yes, we have something for that. Enter Aspartame! Look at that- it's super sweet and won't make you fat, at the same time. We chewed the cr4p out of gum as kids, nothing happened. BUT, how many children are born with autism now? Born with it.

How many friends do you have or people that you know, in the prime of their lives, let's call that 30's & 40's (at present), who have incurred debilitating diseases, had strokes, or even died on the spot? Could have been the aspartame, the slow chemical killer we ingested in very small quantities ALL THE TIME- not just in chewing gum, but all those convenient boxed and packaged foods that we begged our parents for in the grocery store, making all kinds of scenes.

Death? Cigarettes, alcohol, all kinds of legal drugs, SUGAR. We know it's all "bad for us," but we point our middle finger up saying, I'll eat what I want, "I'm going to die anyways, AND, you only live once!"

So, death?

In comes a so-called virus.

By the way, did you know that you and I, at this very moment, and for all of our physical lives, are composed of more virus than actual human cells? (That's factoring out quantum physics as yet, which says that 99.9% of our cells are empty space. I know, WTF at first, until you start to grasp energy, not now).

Argh, I didn't intend on this being long, but it is and angry still drives me to write, so I share this video. Yes, again Dr. Zach Bush, breaking down the microbiome ( not just another fancy thing for us to read on product labels, and reiterate or regurgitate what we've read here and there). May I ask to you to humor me, watch this video, and tell me that you're afraid of corona?

I'd willingly inject the stuff directly into my blood...oh but hang on a second, there are about 14 strains of corona in my blood already, the potential for full blown cancer, diabetes, everything. Activation is greatest when we are in fear- funny that, all the "news and views" of the world officials is scary af. What about kids? As if they're not thinking beings(!), who assimilate the fear of not only parents, but schools. What about the healthy people who just drop dead. Ever had a deep dark secret that you didn't tell anyone, ever? So long as you could keep it in place, whilst eating vegan, doing yoga, running, meeting with friends, laughing regularly and being joy-ful, that grand thing, that lie (that want to forget so badly, and think you do by not bringing it up and dealing with it), with stop your heart and we'll be left wondering what on earth killed you. Oh, a heart attack...what a pity. No, the pity is that we hide, and we do what we're told, without remembering again and again, where we come from, and I don't mean Goggins style (from the last post), where we come from, ( a life of great hardships that he overcame and never allows himself to forget, maintaining humility), I mean The Force, Spirit, God.

I'm done now, and only wish to reiterate Paula's words:

"Legal rights are not the same as human rights- God-given rights - the rights we are inherently born with - to love, to gather and to work. No one gives us these rights, therefore, no one can take them away."

If you believe me, and please don't- but do research for yourselves anything that struck a chord- if we're more virus than human, what are we afraid of?

....dear Good God- All of You, All of US: let us protect and nurture those who are frail in their immunity. Let us love them, and be the reason they laugh, and cry from joy. Let us embrace them with such love, with all our hearts, that we entrain their heart to the love frequency of our own, affecting their frail immunity. THAT is the power YOU and I have at this moment.

As for the rest of us...well, you finish that.

Now then, to the end here, and anger has been integrated. I leave you with great love to and for you, and a final video, which is titled: Nurse Put Healthy Baby Next To Her Dying Twin & A Real Miracle Happened.

See, the thing is, what this video shows is not a miracle. It's normal. We'll talk more about The Institute of Heart Math, another time.

....forgive me if I angered you. At the beginning of this I was thinking, well what the heck do I do with all this stuff that's going on and floating in my head...? This entire blog post answered that question. It isn't for me to go out to the streets and join anti-lockdown measures...this is my way. Let's just talk.

I send you a great love,


NB: pardon me for run-on sentences and the sort, this was not about the perfect prose, rather the message within. Thank YOU​♥

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