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Plant-Based Bryndza (Sheep Cheese)

21 January, 2018

Used to eat this stuff by the bowlful, and to the chagrin of native Slovaks, (for whom this is an entire food group on its own), would pair it with anything imaginable - which was often a delightful surprise. 

Fast forward a few years and cheese is no longer a "go to" food, not even this old time favorite.  BUT imagine the joy when coming across this recipe?


A slight tweak for more of a tang, (for these tastebuds), though really, perfect as is.

Was a hit at Christmas time, simply with Knäckebrot crackers paired with wine. 

FYI- It's and over-nighter (soaking and setting time), cashew based, with lemon, oil, salt, water, and garlic. 


A great many thanks to Blue Raven who hosts the Cooking with Blue Raven Blog, for this wonderful creation. Click here for the full recipe. 

♥ ☮∞



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