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Plant Based "Cheese": "Moxarella"

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

20 January, 2018

This post is a double whammy, as it involves not just the moxarella, but there's also oatmeal in this dish, making for a savory breakfast, if you please. 

First, let's talk "moxarella." You cannot even imagine how easy it is to make. I promise you, so very simple, with few ingredients, cashews, apple cider vinegar/lemon juice, salt, garlic, tapioca starch for the gooeyness, water, and nutritional yeast & olive oil.

Was coined and created by Somer McCowan over at "Vedged Out," who's an absolute genius. In honor of short posts, do pop over onto her fabulous site for a gorgeous vegan pizza recipe  inclusive of dough, sauce and of course, the moxa. and many more delights.  

I also give credit to Sam Turnball, over at "It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken," who's recipe -Melty Stretchy Gooey "Mozzarella,"- I came across first, (adapted from Somer's recipe). Her site is a party- do check her out too. 

All that said and now, onto this goodness. 

I had a good feeling about going savory with oatmeal, and today was the day. 

I started with a handful of sunflower seeds, toasted them on a pan. 

Did the same with a handful of oatmeal. 

All that nicely browned and set aside, I oiled the pan,

added finely chopped leeks,

then garlic,

a tomato,

balsamic vinegar, 

salt & pepper, 

chili flakes,




nooch, (nutritional yeast)  

I added the "moxarella" at the very end, along with some fresh basil and a dusting of nutritional yeast. I do love that stuff- in fact, I loved it all. It's amazing how well it's held its shape and texture, let alone the taste. Happy ;) 

As I say, food ought to be nothing less than a party in your mouth-was in mine ;) 

Now then, off to the kitchen to carry on playing. There's rejuvelac to be made, to carry on with cheese experimenting. 

A plant based bryndza (sheep cheese), post is coming up next- which was truly a hit over Christmas time. 

Do play :**


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