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Reality Being Expressed Through EACH of Us: Infinite Realities

....Paradoxes and/or fine lines are enough to send one into a tizzy....however, as we traverse in the already birthed New Earth, expect more non-linearity, for that isn't that what's contributed to bogging us down (linearity)? You decide.

This audio far from suggests to sit back and let things happen, and too, there is the reminder that One in alignment with Source Energy, is more powerful than millions who are not.


When One is being abused, or harassed by Another, who is but expressing His/Her self, the abusee, also ought express, just as immediately the true nature of whatever is elicited within, RATHER than hold onto it for any moment. That makes two in self-expression at the very same time, One just as strong as the Other, so as to not again repeat the situation, and ultimately coming to zero point.

Onwards and Upwards, Only, Ever- and in the words of Jose Silva, "Every day in every way, I Am better, better and better~

We are, as a collective, we are.

Loads of love,

xxM ​​♡​​ 𓂀 ∞

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