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Reality is a Hologram? So Says The CIA in GateWay Experience Document

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

When I read this document I was over the moon and so upset at the same time. Over the moon because it's verifying the law of attraction, telepathy, astral travel, remote viewing....the incredible nature of our existence [which so very many (off the beaten path) scientists talk about (who are often referred to as "quacks")], all coming from the CIA!

And then upset because, why wasn't I taught this in school? Well, darling girl, that's because it was only declassified in 2003.

Fine. Declass done in 2003, so then why is it not part of every school curriculum NOW?

Children, in their formative years, reside in theta/delta brainwave state. Their analytical skills haven't yet developed, and they take everything presented to them as is.

Our idea of the world, our emotional/mental state is pretty much formed by then, unless we were raised by parents who were 'in the know,' or have done/do the work to re-form ourselves. Sadly, not many people do, in the grand scheme of things, and hence it can be said that we, as adults are operating at the level of our seven/eight year old self. We're supposed to be way way better than we are. But look around and even remember the last time you said to someone, "you're acting like such a child!" That's because we/they actually are.

Children are magical. You don't need me to tell you that, so going back to their brainwave states operating in theta/delta for the first few years of life, what does that have to do with what the CIA released, (which has been declassified again, or at least scrubbed off their site)?


(I hypothesize), if you can teach a child how to maintain their higher frequency brain state in their formative years, they'll never "lose themselves," as so many of us have done, only to have to climb the mountain of ascension to real-eyes ourselves...

Alas, I am no longer upset, as I know waves of children are being born, who are remaining "intact," refusing the system around. Enter those referred to as "millennials, crystals, indigo children," etc. They didn't come here to be the same, fall into the grind, hustle and bustle, they came to change the world. We all did, do you remember yet?

Should you wish to hear the first few points, introduction, and point 34, (which I included very much on purpose, you'll see hear why!), of the document, check out the following video/audio.

Note that there are 38 points, though part of 34 is excluded, as well as points 35-36 (are completely - and, very curiously- missing).

With great thanks to the good folk over at, who had the foresight to record the document directly into their site, here is the (CIA) removed document:

I'd love your thoughts, and until later, lots of love- what else is there?

God Bless You,


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