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Signature Dish #1: Italian Inspired Garlicious Courgette, Carrots, Herbs & Nooch~ (recipe)

Been cooking this garlicious meal much of late, with many people asking for the recipe, so here you go :)

This dish is Italian inspired (from aglio e olio pepperoncino), super simple, ridiculously delicious, and despite the garlic & chili, even kids love it.

There are three ways to go about this ensuing party in your mouth:

~Solo, as per the recipe below.

~With me guiding you through it at Chef Parade (in Bratislava), upon the launch of my upcoming plant-based course,

~I cook it for you (solo or with guests), in your very own kitchen.

(Could be a one to one lesson, doing it step by step together).

You choose ;)

1 head Garlic

1/4 cup Olive Oil

1/8 tsp Chili flakes

1- 1/2 tsp Salt

Handful Fresh Sage

1 large Courgette

2 large Carrots

1 Pack Dried Dubaky (or your choice of dried mushrooms)

1/3 cup Bulgar (+ 1 cup water for cooking)

3 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast (Nooch) *

Handful Pine nuts

Fresh basil

Fresh lemon

AND don't forget, a whole lotta love!

-In a small pot, add bulgar to water, bring to a boil, cover, switch off heat. Set aside, will be ready in a few mins.

-Place dried mushrooms in a small pot with enough water just to cover them. Simmer on medium heat -until fully rehydrated. Strain, keep broth, roughly chop mushrooms, set aside.

-Chop garlic, set aside

-Cut courgette into thin strips (julienne style, and by all means use a spiralizer if you have one, julienne slicer, or even mandolin) Leaven out the seeds

-Using potato peeler, shave carrots into ribbons, as per picture

-In large skillet, heat olive oil. Add chili, then sage & salt- when aromatic, reduce heat.

- Add garlic and gently cook (30-60seconds) - should remain soft.

-Add mushrooms and cook through for a couple of mins.

-Add veg, incorporating gently using tongs, cover and cook for few mins on low to medium heat (do not overcook)

-Add cooked bulgar

8) Add Nutritional yeast, & more more salt if necessary

9) Squeeze fresh lemon on top

10) Top with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast, pine nuts & fresh basil

Done :) Serve on it's own, with a well dressed salad, or as a side dish to your meaty fare. Would pair beautifully with salmon. Enjoy.

*This is the specific brand of nutritional yeast that I've found to be most pleasing.

By CountryLife, produced in France. As yet, it's only available in bioshops here in Bratislava, of which there are many of scattered throughout the city. (Will put up links in another post).

I've been told it can be found in DM and Billa in Austria. Do invest in this deliciousness, such a game changer! :**


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