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Collective #Laughter

I bet you can't not giggle in the very least. ;D

And, actually, think back to a time you either caused or were part of something similar.

I remembered fondly with a good laugh a situation that took place hours before a large event at Old Billingsgate Market in London UK.

Managing the event that evening I was delivering a briefing for all staff, 2-3 floor managers, plus at least 80 floor staff, and out of nowhere, I got the giggles. The harder I tried to compose myself, the more I giggled, which turned into an outright howling laughter. Needless to say I was not alone, and nor could I conduct the rest of the briefing. Thankfully my other half, Tobes, stepped in and took over.

...I shared that because I knew it would cause me to laugh all over again. I did.

Did you know that that's all it takes for your immune system to respond positively? Not to mention, keep you youthful, maintain balance in your body, not allowing for disease to even be...? Being healthy starts in the mind. Be joy. Laugh a little...or a lot ;D

Love, love, love.



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