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Simple and Delicious Garlicky Courgette

14 February, 2018

Truly a good thing when you're addicted to your own signature dish, right? 

This little number - Courgette and Garlic, herbed with dried sage and fresh basil, spiced with chili flakes and black pepper, with further explosions of taste from the nutritional yeast and even a plant-based parmesan (link to recipe here), I made - is making it's way to dinner tables around town of late, and to eater's delight. 

Who'd have thought such basic ingredients could produce such incredible flavor?  There are a few tricks you see- all of which will be shared in due time. :) 

For now, a picture gallery, as I get ready to be ready for the next step- that too, at the perfect time. 

This was my super quick whip up to wrap up meals today:

It wasn't as fancy as the below photo, which graced the table of friends last week: 

Or this, which was the Gourmet version, with all the additional fixings: 

There's much more a story to this last picture, which will unfold over the next weeks- promise.  All has to do with my Twin Dragon, and that Sort of thing. 

Cryptic? Who me? ;)


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