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The Evolved Father, Jon Vroman interviews Dr. Zach Bush on Front Row Dads

I arrived to my work space this morning a little bit out of sorts, in that I really didn't know where to begin.

So I took myself out for a walk, to ground, to settle myself, and here we are. Extraordinary what the sun, wind and the touch of mother earth can do, if allowed.

Anyhow, yes, another Dr. Zach Bush, although coming from quite a different angle. Jon Vroman, a beautiful soul who heads Front Row Dad's, is running quite a different show.

Neither parent or father myself, I highly recommend this conversation for anyone, but Dad's, do really tune in.

You've heard it all before: Zach Bush is a force beyond words. With two adult "children," from a first marriage, (his wife left him for another man) - which to his estimation was the perfect marriage, he shares quite candidly, the road to now. It is a super inspiring, enlightening conversation, on part of both gentlemen.

A snippet from the chat:

"It wasn't until I let go of any expectation of myself or that education to produce something, and I just started to say, "well, what am I here to do?"

Forget about the education, "what did I show up to do, in this lifetime?

And if it wasn't to be the perfect dad, of the perfect nuclear isolated family, and I wasn't to be the perfect triple board certified doctor, what am I here to do?"

And those answers ware getting fun! :)

...Its like, oh, hell yeah!! I'm here to actually path-find through patterns of human society, and history, and science, a future for the human species that's never occurred before.

That thrills the hell out of me! And I know that every single one of you showed up on some similar mission, or else you wouldn't have showed up up right now at the tipping point of human history. Our extinction is right there, one generation out, and you showed up right now, holy shit!

You must be on purpose! You must be part of a new future, that has not yet been glimpsed or seen....."


Dr. Zach and his ideas, thrill the heck out of me! !!

Ladies and Gents, I thank you for showing up here, and hope that by doing so, your life has been enriched.

Blessings & so very much love,


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