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The Nuremberg Code, & Our Right to Say No

Are you ok?

Things just aren't making sense? With more and more unrest, come more and more questions. This all feels appropriate to share just now.


Find here an article outlining the Nuremberg Code, a code of ethics which was put into place after WW2, during the Nuremberg Trials, that essentially stated that all persons have the free will to say no to medical to any medical treatment, among other important things.

Also, a British website keeping a close eye on the mains stream media (in the UK).

Finally (for now), please see the works of Arlene L. Johnson, an incredible woman, publisher and author of

A few testimonials:

"Best of luck in what you are doing, and I hope that these and many other paths do converge before too long. With every passing day, the short-term prospects look more grim" from Professor Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and noted author.

"Yes, this is real solidarity and we should push this [getting the Navy out of Vieques] widely." from Professor Saul Landau at Cal Poly Pomona, California

"Please keep in the struggle, it's not easy and not simple, particularly with the new un-improved Pacifica Board." from John Sheridan on March 9, 2000, Member of the Coalition for a democratic Pacifica [five sister radio stations]

"We are very concerned about the way the country is heading. The overflow of immigration, etc., is scarry. We have been reading and watching for a long time now, and were glad to see someone put the ideas into a magazine that our students can read. I know what you are doing is difficult, but it is also terrific. You are an inspiring individual" from the same public school librarian and her husband who is a superintendent of public schools in New Mexico.


Be well.

Be honest in all that you are.

Be still, and know.

Be Kind.

Very much love and strength to us all.



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