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Unity and Ze V!r-usss***---

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

So yes, I have found myself surprised at best, and offended at worst, when greeting others during my walks, who barely open their mouth to respond, turn their heads away if they do, and rarely do eyes connect any longer. If they do, conversation follows, ending with hugs and love.

This morning, I contemplated the woman from yesterday. She is in fear, many people are, and perhaps I would be too, if I paid attention to the strongest story line about this p4andem1c. To me, it is a story line much like that of "climate change." Does that mean to say I don't believe there is a virus, or that the climate is changing? Not at all...

The other day, I said to Dad, that when everyone is going one way, and saying one thing, I tend to turn away -not at all turning a blind eye- rather, looking for other options to a dominating single story.

If you've been around here for a while, you know my position, that of science, and in particular quantum physics. All that need be said at this junction is that of the realm of infinite potentials, the focus is on one, and has been for the last year and a half. A scary, deadly thing, to be feared.

My position on that: Fear is scary and deadly, period, and for those who are in fear, (specifically connected with present circumstances), have a greater chance of succumbing to it.

Hence what I say in the audio. What a great epiphany that was this morning. That when we are all connected and all One, that means with all people, all things (including a drinking glass, a planet, or plant, a dog, or "long gone," dinosaur...), then quite actually, the very thing so many are in fear about, too, is, or can be seen as One with us, part of the collective, part of US.

Perceptions right? How do you perceive things?

From the very beginning, I suggested that this thing, if seen as a "blessing in disguise," (YT video) could be a game changer, a serious wake up for humanity. It has been for some.

People have:

  • left (or lost) jobs they hated,

  • walked away from friendships or relationships that were detrimental for their well-being,

  • transitioned (died), and left the physical plane, to be of service elsewhere, for whatever reason (my position on death: we are eternal, infinite and immortal, there is no "death," as we have been led to believe, simply a shedding of one body, for another - should one so choose, and when we die, we go right back to Pure Positive Energy, right back to Source, from where we originate).

  • real-eye-sed and found joy in the small things

  • a much greater appreciation for life

  • learned to focus on good and hence talk of only good, be good, do good, feel good, and receive only more goodness...There are some, who are in the state of great bliss, elation and love. Of course, strife comes, but one learns to surrender rather quickly seeing the results of such a practice.

Taking a step forward for the examples mentioned above, those that have an alternate outlook or perspective of this entire state of affairs....Would you say that their quality of thought is love based, or fear based? All things stem ultimately from one or the other....and one does start to climb to higher levels of consciousness just by practicing love, which then leads to less duality, less judgement, less good vs bad, less separation.

So yes, whilst yesterday I was perturbed not necessarily by the woman, per se, (or very shortly), but her fear, that she's believed a story line (unless she really senses an unpleasant vibe coming from me- which is of course within the realm of the infinite!), and because of her belief, dying a premature death. Of course, all of this is based on assumption, though, and/but with the fast changing times, and the increase of our innate abilities, telepathy has strongly taken hold within me, or let's call it a much greater sensitivity for what one is thinking and feeling (that comes with pleasantries sometimes, and not so much at others...).

All that to say, what can I do but love her? Love my sister, who is expressing her reality to me. When I, even for an iota, judge her for ANY reason, not even what I mentioned above, I allow my own energy to be usurped from me, scattering my forces, so to speak. That said, yes, just love her, dear sweetheart. Judgement is not necessary, not even God judges, and on the converse, whatever any one of us does, none of which is good, bad, right or wrong, all just is, we expand the Universe. We ARE the Universe in action. Can you see? We would mountains in an instant, when we accepted all as they were, playing their part in this theatre of life, the very role they/we were commissioned for...Do you see? When we judge, we actually get in each others way. When we have compassion and love for one another, we all expand.

I understand where from this train of thought, one might say, BUT!!!!!!

If we just let everyone be

  • what about nuclear wars?

  • what about people looting?

  • what about people just killing one another?

  • what about the rich getting richer?

  • and, the poor getting poorer?

  • what about all the injustices....?

Yes, well however, we must first be in UNITY before that could take place. With unity consciousness, as opposed to the divisive/lack/separation consciousness, this virus is a non-issue, embraced as part of the whole. And, (spoiler alert in this grand theatre of life!!), the unity is already happening.

And so I end by coming back to audio note....

With absolute faith in my word/power/immunity/self, I would willingly take the corona, or any other virus, for that matter, directly into my arm. The pure virus, unadultered, untainted, absolutely pure.

  • There is so much more to this, but simply, we are made up of more virus than we are/have human cells.

  • Our human organism, is the greatest machine ever, capable of far more than has it been credit for, but for those in the know, well, we know. No laboratory, outfit, team of anythings, could ever replicate ALL THAT THIS, OUR BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT PHYSICAL FORM IS CAPABLE OF (***note self, get that blog post going, it's a biggie)!

  • Does a virus really only transfer through the nose and mouth? What about the eyes? Or the largest organ of the body; our skin (of which the top layer is so incredibly thin (think about rubbing A535 on sore muscles, for "fast relief," or vicks vapor rub for the same reason, nicotine, lipstick (why do you want to buy make-up that has less of the (or no) "crap", in it- because it gets absorbed right through your lips, and that's just the lips. Whilst we're here, ever notice how seamlessly companies start declaring that their shampoo/soap is paraben free, phthalate free, this and that free, as if those things are really harmful for us or something? They declare it, but did anyone ask the question why they were using it in the first place, and why the same brand still has products containing said items at perhaps a cheaper price-point...? Did we just blindly accept that seamless declaration, And hey, speaking of declaration, did you know that in Canada, the Emergency Declaration was and has been unlawful all along. Go figure hey? How cute. Some "pleasant" reading, if you will; Declarations of Emergency by Paula Tucci of Stand Up Canada. BUT PLEASE, if you do, check yourself. It'll boil your blood, but you need a way to detach from what you read, so I kindly suggest you determine that way before you read and then put it into practice immediately. (Perhaps go outside, and spend as long as you need to on the Earth, barefoot...)?

Alas, I have digressed some....It all permeates the skin and makes it into the body. Free radicals in the air, pollution, you name it...the list can go on and on and on.

Again, 100% yes, I would take the virus directly into my blood, and have not a worry in the world for it, for I would talk to it as I did my sweet hands this morning, thanking them for all that they do, just by my thought. Noticing a little red mark on my chest this morning, and not labelling it, too, I loved it, as it is no different than my hands that I love, a part of me- it's all ME.

That gave way to the rememberance to give focus to all my body that is Light, rather than any of the "spots," that present inharmonious things (a conjuring up of/from my own thoughts)....If I brought something on, discordant to my wishes, surely I can return it from where it originated....and don't all things originate with Source/God, Which is happy to see us thrive? So doesn't loving everything and everyone make more sense than judging the little spot, for example?

I believe it is Deepak Chopra who shares a story (I paraphrase greatly what I remember), of his friend, who late in his years, feels unwell and makes a trip to the doctor after long. The issue resides in his chest, so with an x-ray completed, it turns out there is a black spot on one of his lungs. He relays the story to his friend (Chopra), is in absolute fear about it, and dies not long after. Can you imagine, that this man killed himself by thought? With the autopsy and further discovery from medical records, it turns out the spot was always there, he just didn't know, but when he did know of it, what happened? Fear happened, and death ensued in tow.

What we think and how we feel, truly shape our lives....Look at your own life, what's going around you is a result of your thoughts. Want to change something? Start first by just becoming aware, and being the quietest observer of no one but your SELF.

Truly, I love YOU, and with all my heart, trust and honor the path that you are on, it is YOURS.


PS: far as I am aware, when I last checked, the particular virus in question, had yet to be isolated by some 27 Canadian Institutions...but still, if someone can prove otherwise, I'll take it, the needle, that is.

UPDATE 23.8.2021: Look at that, the number has again risen. Was originally 19 institutions about three months ago, then to the 27 aforementioned, and now we're up to 29 Canadian institutions which have yet to isolate the c0r0na v!r*s. Should you wish to see this for yourself, please head over here, back to Stand Up Canada, where again, Paula Tucci has outlined ever so clearly this subject, and too, how Charter Rights have been ignored. All this, and I repeat, let go of it, soon after you tune into you. Mind your thoughts, actions, words.

PPS...I wish everyone in existence knew of their perfection...but, respect everyone's life path. If in fear, be a champion of it, like those championing the state of love.

PPPS: as shared in the write up on YT, likes, subscriptions and such are of little consequence to me, and rather, sharing with those you think would find this in-formation useful, relieving, insightful, is my raison d'etre.


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