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2020~The New Earth ~An Audio Book, Narrated by Yours Truly

When you think of someone, and they just "happen," to ring you soon after that thought, what do you call that? Some liken it to synchronicity, and non-believers of that idea would call it coincidence. However, if you look a little further, there is no difference between the two.

The example provided shows how two people were "in synch." We can also say that that which happened was a cooperative incident between two people.

What do you think...?

It is by no means an accident and has the signature of quantum physics all over it. I'll leave that excitement for another post though as this one is about the book which so landed in my proverbial lap in a beautiful series of synchronicities.

2020 The New Earth: An Experience Report, is a fantastic story that actually took place five years ago. It's about a guy who falls asleep on a beach, and wakes up in a very different space. Uncomfortable at first in his experience, not knowing where his friends had taken off to, and why the entire beach is not only deserted, but looks so different, (lush, green, thriving, delicious fruit everywhere), Nathan thinks he's dreaming, or had maybe even time travelled backwards. Indeed he has travelled through time, but not backwards. He actually jumps ahead to 2020, a 2020 very different from the 2015 he was just in.

In his two day experience (in linear time, he's gone for 30 minutes), he learns about what happened to cause such drastic changes, ultimately peace, and freedom on earth, with the base frequency finally having shifted from fear to LOVE.

I couldn't keep this book to myself when coming upon it again last month (received it February). Through what Nathan describes, there was a massive shift that occurred in late 2015, after his return to 2020.

On an aside, ever heard things like "you create your own reality?", and "there are an infinite realm of potentials," (and hence realities)? Well, if the latter resonates with you I offer this; Nathan's story was but one of the potentials that we as a collective could (have) hook(ed) into. Though some parts of his story did actually occur, the reason I decided to share this is because I got the strong sense that what didn't happen in late 2015, is happening right now.

Carrying on, Nathan meets his five year older self, and some dear friends plus his future woman, who all fill him in on what happened in their reality.

The collective started to question the way things were run, the systems - from financial & economic, to government & politics, health and food, medicine and big pharma, relationships, education - and locally, and through the internet, like minds started connecting. "Be the change you wish to see in the world,"

never rang more true.

Whilst there wasn't a pandemic in Nathan's experience nor rioting (to the scale it's taking place now), there very much was a revolution and it tipped the scales. Finally people realized that they weren't different from one another, despite geographical placement, skin colour or beliefs.

We've got a little ways to go in our present reality, (and things are moving along quickly, I might add!) but despite all the seeming "bad," that has taken place, (and is taking place), it's a cleansing on a mass scale.

Kind of like this in my mind....When one has a messy room, in order for it to be clean, one must embark on cleaning it- get rid of things, appropriate things still wanted in the best place within the room, and then one can breathe again, starting from a clean space. Make sense?

I finish that train of thought with this beautiful example of how what we are evolving to- we really are moving from fear to love, despite what mainstream media projects.

In his silence, so much was said. Todd Winn, stood alone before a scheduled protest on Capitol Hill in the State of Utah, in solidarity with George Floyd, and in that countless others around the world. Not only was he silent, he stood "in attention," and with the scorching heat, the heals of his shoes actually melted. Article and photo taken from

Finally, If we do indeed create our own reality, than this, Nathan's story may well be a blue-print for us. If you feel little hope, do listen in and see where you might fit in to his story.

From Tesla towers and free energy, to freedom from sexual oppression, to freedom in education, and no more "earning a living," because everyone follows their passions, and so much more, it's possible that this book will awaken something that's been dormant in you for too long. Only you will know.

As for me, much of this story has been my own for years already, and was only confirmation for me that I Am on "the right path," and the world I've dreamed of isn't just a dream.

Enjoy listening and if you did, please share. Nathan and the author, Jesus Urlauber, (Bauchi), purposely kept this book free of charge, so that it could reach as many people as possible. Though there was a German audio version (the native tongue of both men), an English version was missing, and that circle is now closed, with this release. Let's be the change, together.~

Thank you for reading, sharing and your thoughts.

Very much love and great blessings to you all,


♥ ☮∞

PS: should you wish to read the book, click here.

And, the above link is for the playlist on youtube, which consists of the preface, plus 12 parts. Should you wish for a complete seamless reading, and better quality, it is in the works. Drop me a line if you so fancy, and I'll personally send it your way once it's ready, otherwise you'll get a notice when I post it here. ♥♥♥


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