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A Micro Event: Scrumptious Sunday Lunch

By the sounds of it, it was a delightful and unexpected surprise, bite after bite.

You see, the last time cooked for this lovely bunch, they were on the receiving end of my infamous Indian Feast, complete with three types of curries, cumin rice, raita, salad and a simple dessert.

No Indian Feast this time, but a feast nonetheless.

It was music to my heart being firsthand witness to friends, old and new, enjoying a relatively simple meal of mostly vegetables and legumes, creatively concocted in perfect flavorful harmony with an abundance of fresh & dried herbs, and of course, the star ingredient: Nutritional Yeast.

I love this type of "micro-event," and much prefer it to the larger ones, as cooking is so much about sharing, about serving, about pockets of deep conversations, then excusing myself to prep and bring out the next course in person, with a story or two. ;) Take the lentil sauce for example- the first time I did that was almost "by accident." As artists often say, something was working through me, and I was solely the conduit. That was very much the case when cooking at Domec - a place whereby brothers and sisters can go to wash up, have a decent meal, and mingle with others who don't have a home. They literally got the best of me that day, and hence my second signature dish was created. This sauce is a true winner. :)

I keep hearing myself saying how choosing this way of eating has nothing to do with being healthy. Gone is that label. Gone are all the labels. Healthy is a state of mind, and truly one can eat whatever they wish to and thrive. Thriving is only dependant on one thing: mental digestion of not just what we eat, but all that we ingest through all our senses.

I eat the way I do, because I love it. In fact, I love simply love food, and that I don't eat meat & dairy has resulted in me being way more creative in the kitchen...This is a whole other blog topic, which I'll come back to, so for now, I'll just share a few pictures with you from this micro party with delicious food and equally wonderful people.

Click here for descriptions.

Now then. Who's next up for a visit by This Little Cookie?

Mother's Day?

A Birthday?

A 'Just Because' Party?

A Personal Cooking Session?

Whatever, whenever, see you at the perfect time ~



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