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A Present To Contemplate

"It is our vision that the present holds all the future; nothing save the accomplishments of the present give form to the future. Thus humanity has but one road; if the present be made perfect, the future must be perfect. It is not the present perfection DELAYED to some future perfection, it is the conscious present perfection that brings forth the consciousness of the perfect future.

"Wherever we go, we find a people that had, at one time, lived wholly in the present. The whole future was in complete accord with the attainments of the present, so the future could take no other direction. Thus the injunction, “Take no heed for the future.” All their precepts were, “Live true in the present and the future must be what the present has been.”"

Quoted from Baird T Spalding from Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East, Volume 3



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