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A Story About Tuning A Guitar & Use (or not) of Technology

A quick story-

My sister lent me her guitar a few months back to play around with.

Whilst I played the harmonium way back, and took well to tabla, would say I have a natural rhythm, I have always, but always been intimidated by guitar. It didn't make sense like the keys of a harmonium, piano or keyboard. Where I could quite easily mimic a melody, with the latter, a guitar made my head spin.

When I brought it back from Toronto in the autumn, it sat for a time without my playing it, but curiosity kept me looking at it and wondering.

Playing around and knowing that I would get it, I've taught myself to strum Beethoven's 7th, Debussy's Clair De Lune, Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody, Heye Mun Gavo, Rakha Ehk Humara Swami, & other Raag's (the latter two, being teachings from a GreatUncle, who was a classical Indian musician). Please note, it is mostly single string melody's- nothing fancy(!), but I got it, and very happily so.

For the past couple of months I've been playing around with a couple of melodies that sing to me when I'm out and about. When I don't know what to play next, but know something should go there, I leave it, and the next part comes whilst away from the guitar. I really do love it, and it does bring me such joy. I must admit that before "needing," to share this, I was rather upset. Can't tell you why, I am just flowing with it. I was nudged to pull the guitar onto my lap and started playing.

Instantly I was hooked in, and brought back to me, and now, you.

When my sister lent me this beautiful instrument of my peace, (and now, God Bless her~ as she has told me to keep it), she showed me a tuning app. Simple, just go to it, play a string, check it against the one on the app, and IT will either put a check or a cross next to string played.

I hadn't really had the need to tune it, until this past weekend, playing music with the kids - niece and nephew), and of course with those large tuners sticking out at the end of the guitar, they begged for tuning.

I sat to play a couple of days ago, and it was so bad, that I stopped.

Darn!, I thought, my sister was just over, and I forgot to ask her to just tune it. (I am reluctant to download any extra apps than the ones I use all the time, all two of them- and wish to keep it that way).

Here's the kicker, and I do feel rather ignorant for not having come to this sooner- (ignor-ant of other ways), instead of downloading the app, at first I tried tuning it myself, but gave up on that, as I didn't feel I have such a relationship with the guitar yet to do that...(though I do believe if I played it day in and day out, over time, tuning would come naturally). Anyhow, I just watched a quick video on youtube and, c'est tout, the guitar is beautifully tuned, and I download nothing. Seriously, I am so grateful to the YouTube and the incredible opportunity it affords us to better ourselves.

I have not tuned into any other videos- and whilst surely this is a wealth of knowledge that would or could progress my learning, I'm quite happy allowing myself to merge with the guitar, and just be an instrument which gets played through.

I know the last few posts have been pandemic heavy, so I hope you took something from this lightness. I am keeping myself out of the theatre of it all, as I jumped in and on stage, rather than remaining the observer...So easy to do, isn't it?

Anyhow, thanks again for Being~

Until later, blessings and love.


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