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BBC Radio 4: Little Shop of Colours

Getting going this morning on my latest colourful (non-food) endeavor, I was reminded of this BBC podcast that a very dear friend had sent my way about a year ago, which I've listened to over and over again.

It was the most perfect thing to tune into whilst working away on my latest art. I loved hearing this all over again:

"...vacancy is potential.."

and, about the Little Shop of Colours itself, being described as a

"feast of colour and delight."

If one can say that about the visual splendor of the L. Cornelissen & Son Artist Supply Shop, then it can only be said that ~

listening to the descriptions of colours & brushes,

the tales of patrons,

their beautiful voices, (especially the narrator, but also the different artists she interviews),

the British accent,

the music in the background- the piano, the flute, and the cello,

Rumi- oh, the poetry... ~the entire segment from start to finish is an artistic masterpiece, beautifully crafted and curated to touch hearts, all the senses, and take one's imagination into overdrive.

Simply magical- I'm still smiling, and my flower of life continues to blossom and bloom.

My chosen colours for this flower of life :)

Do listen, even if you have no interest in art- it may well offer you something.

Enjoy :)


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