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Breaking Things Down: Corona vs Gratitude

We touch on 9/11 again.

We touch on the hearbeat of the earth again.

We tap into frequency and waves, in the easiest way I can describe them to you so as to describe how 9/11 and Corona are not so different, but that with the nature of this beast (NOT an instant and dreadful impact), but a slower one that we can still affect change on.

We, as the collective conscious, have the ability to think our way through Corona, to feel our way through it. To start thinking better than we feel about the changes that are taking place in the world. To be ok with the change (I did not say complacent nor passive).

To be willing to get uncomfortable and walk into the unfamiliar so as to never return back the same once this all blows over- and I do mean on a collective level.

There's no more us vs them.

There is no war except the one that we create for ourselves. Could changing your outer world really be as simple as changing your inner world? Coming from someone who's been doing it for years, and continues to, YES. But it's not simple, and it requires your effort. But you're worth it.

You, me, your kids, your partner, your employer, colleagues, friends, family, the people you dislike, those who dislike you...we are all worthy of greatness far beyond our imagination that awaits us. Awaits us to stop for long enough to take a long hard look in the mirror and say, yes.


In/from Universal and Unconditional Love,



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