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Canada's Memorial Service & Further Rooting New Earth

For too long has the world and her people been divided, separated, driven to war, and all manner of destruction, far longer than just the last two years. Canada has seen a drastic turn from the further encroaching systems of governance as #WeThePeople have stood up, harmoniously chanting "enough is enough."

A government only reigns at the consciousness of the collective it is governing. Seems as though Canadians have, through actions of late, called the bluff. We the people, for the people, all inclusive, none barred, have risen.

Whatever side we've played into, might we agree that such a memorial service, as is being held in Canada's capital of Ottawa, is the very thing that the world didn't know it needed?

Coming together, with compassion, with love, with reverence for those gone, is, in my contemplation, one of the most "humane," actions we can all participate in.

With Canada at the heart of this quickly crumbling global totalitarianism, the shift is on in stealth like manner.

....Love prevailed, and with It, Light swept across the whole globe, into the Infinite Universe. We did it...we made it, all of us Together. The new earth is here, born of this Love, this Light, which is the new foundation, The Earth, as well as HUMANITY'S new "normal." And so it is. IT IS DONE.


Thank you ALL for your "job," in bringing this wave of love about, no matter how big, nor small. Everyone has played their part. Last but not least, Stand Up Canada, thank YOU for your services, indeed, CANADA STOOD UP!! Thank you Paula Tucci, Pastor Hildebrandt and all those involved in bringing this memorial together.

Continued love, blessings, & strength, dear sisters and brothers.



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