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Death. A Social Construct

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

A woman loses her sons in a car accident, loses faith in All That Is, until they come to her through someone else.

I love the way this story goes- not that a woman's beloved sons had died in a car accident, but that to reach her, they had to go through someone else, who was in the receptive mode to receive them.

It is our focus on the absence of our dearly departed ~ who have only just popped out of their physical form and exist in All That IS ~ that keeps us from being reachable by them.

They are with us in every moment and the things that keeps us from receiving them is our sadness, our pain, our grief.

The moment they died - transitioned back to Source ~ they were released of any pain, released of all harm, and went right back to pure positive energy.

Always are they calling on you.

Only just yesterday, as I happily walked through a field under the warm sun, I asked for a sign from someone who's transitioned. Barely finishing my thought, and a butterfly, which had been resting on the ground right in front of me, flew up towards me. I smiled, and gave thanks.

If I may suggest, allow it to be anything, any sort of sign, getting away from the idea of a ghost like projection of your beloved standing in front of you, speaking directly to you.

With great faith and trust, just know that They are right here, and right now, for you to communicate with.

Death is not the the end all and be all of life. Death is not using our incredulous mental faculties coupled with the infinite spirit that we are to conduct our life in total alignment with Source.

There are countless signs around you, and you are loved beyond belief by those gone. Know so and be comforted by the Love that is here for you.



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