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Deconstructing Things 1/9: Christmas

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I bring to you a series of conversations, or rather, contemplations, that I have with myself and others.

Unsure yet of the intervals at which I present these things to you, I am however sure that there are nine of them, all suitably falling under the title, "Deconstructing Things."

Of course, with deconstruction, comes reconstruction, very much like death and birth, and those contemplations will too be shared.

My aim, as I say to the Youth that I interact with, is to blow minds open, to reach and touch hearts in an expansive way, for the betterment of all.





4- MENSIS, SEX, WO/MEN (part 1 of 2)

5- MENSIS, SEX, WO/MEN (part 2 of 2)






I like and very much appreciate your interactions with any material that I've shared and welcome it with this series, be it publicly or privately.

All this is very much presented on purpose and a greater sense of things will come to be known with the culmination of this series, potentially giving birth to the next one.


Our first topic then, shall we?


As per the video, I'm baffled by Christmas.

Only a couple years ago, did it come to me that 25 December isn't even Jesus' birthday. Though I do not, by any means, claim to know the day he was born, it's become evident that there is controversy around it.

The unravelling begins.

If there's controversy around when Jesus was born, how did Christmas come to be at this specific time as it is, and is it really about Jesus?

But actually, whether it is or isn't, who cares?

And quite frankly, why care at all...? (About Jesus, that is).

Don't get me wrong, I love Jesus as I do my own brother. They are one in the same and I celebrate each every day- as I do my parents, my sisters, my Self, You- You, who reads these very words.

About Jesus...could it be that our brother, came not to save anyone? Rather, that he was here to teach us, how and who we are and that we could do, be or have anything he could, knowing he was in alignment with Consciousness, Divine/Primal Intelligence, Great Universal Mind Substance, Spirit or God...?

Back to Christmas...what are we actually celebrating, who and why?


A few weeks back, on an absolute whim, I dropped what I was doing to go for a walk. I left at 5:15pm and was back home just over an hour later (inclusive of the near 45min walk into the centre, and bus ride home).

Purposefully, I walked into Old Town Bratislava, to where the Christmas markets were set up. I wanted to feel the vibe. I wanted to see people, feel them, get a sense of what was. I did so, and it was all lovely.

Lots of seemingly happy people, smiling, eating, drinking..

Families together, friends, colleagues, lovers, in joy (?).

I was reminded that people are nicer at this time of year, more giving, more loving [(there's no shortage of nice Christmas stories of people helping people, (less fortunate than themselves)].

My thoughts leaving the market were, "this is such a good vibe, why can't we celebrate like this all the time...?"

In the following days, up until this writing, more thoughts came. All I could think was that it's going to end somewhat abruptly, on a specific day, on 25th December, which so happens to be incredibly stressful for so many....Gift buying, and all the guessing behind it, preparing food with or for people we may not normally care to see or be around...You know, the usual drill.

There'll be a week of slow down before New Year's festivities ensue, fireworks, more gathering together, food, drink, and then boom, it's done. It's all done. The general niceness is forgotten as the stress of Christmas spending kicks in, not to mention the extra kilos of Christmas "cheer," that we have to lose again, same as every year...Perhaps depression kicks in as we go from 6th gear back to 1st gear. The same old story repeats again and again, and we jump on the wagon of New Years resolutions, writing out goals, and making vision boards, hustling again, in an opposing air as to what Christmas was.

Hey, and where's Jesus now? Jesus who? Who cares. Who truly did? Christmas, the machine, in the name of Jesus, a program that gets played every single year, right after Halloween, and fast forwarded after American Thanksgiving, not to mention Black Friday. Seriously? Is this what we are? Is this what we've allowed ourselves to become?

Christmas, a great farce, and one of many. I walked past a Christmas tree lot the other day, seeing parents with their youngsters, picking up a tree that was chopped down for the "celebration," of a single day, that we do for.....? For what, again? Ever think about how many trees are grown & chopped just for Christmas? And then we turn around and judge those who want to create more space to manufacture animals for who? Oh right, for us... (?!).

Do certain words come to mind right about now…..? Words like, hypocrite, double standards, or better yet...what-the-fuck fuckety fuck..?

As per the video and conversation with the gentlemen in a grocery store cue on 23rd December, "why do we continue doing things that don't resonate with us?" The conversation with the young father was not an isolated one, and was had many many times prior to this Christmas, and not limited to the Christmas theme.

IF it's about the kids, do we really want to perpetuate the bullshittery of things...?

Could you imagine yourself opting out of it all?


Great appreciation for your time and energy with this first note. I recognize it's perhaps cynical, and quite possibly even offensive. Bear with me as I/we continue to deconstruct. This is very much on purpose and there is a big picture.

Sincerely and with love to and for you,



By the way, though this graphic does not directly relate to this post, it plays a role, in the whole of things.


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