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Early Walk in the Snow

20 January, 2018

With fairly balmy temperatures, (for winter),  and much rain, it was quite a delight to see snow this morning. 

Myself, I'm a tropical kid, though there is much to be said for fresh, fluffy, bright, virgin snow on an early morning- so out I went, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. :) 

The small stuff right..? 

When you settle into the goodness of the small things in life -  noticing them, appreciating them- milk them for all that they are.

By all means, go way overboard in your appreciation and exclamation of them and about how wonderful your experience is. (And might I suggest you do this in the comfort of your own mind, where you can appreciate to your hearts content without judgement). 



As in why would you appreciate the heck out of something anyhow...? More than is necessary

First of all, why not? Certainly no harm done.  

But really, because you feeling good in the present moment, creates future moments of feeling goodness. You're creating your future by focusing on your present, and the greatness that it is. 

Don't take my word for it. 

Give it a go, and remember, all things good take practice. 

Enjoy. :) 

The small stuff, the big stuff..It's all here for you to notice, take joy in, and enhance the experience of youth waking life. 

~With great love, and an extraordinary day to You. 


♥ ☮∞


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