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Easy Lentil Crepes, (& Wiping Out My Entire Contact List)

Hello Everyone- This is the last blog you will receive from me, unless you choose to be here.**

If you've wondered why you receive posts from me, it is simply because of a list collected via google of everyone I've had email interaction with.

Admittedly, though I did have a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth about this with the last few messages, I hit send anyways.

You're here by default, and well, that doesn't resonate with me. I care more about your free will, rather than numbers, and really, I want to know my audience. In saying that, should you wish to come along for the ride, you'll now find a pop up box when you come to the website, where you can subscribe, and if you don't come back, I honour you, and wish you well.


Now then, that all out of the way, lentil crepes:

What you need for 3-4 crepes approx 15cm in diameter:

1/4 cup red lentils

1/2 cup water


Soak the lentils for at least three hours, or overnight. I soaked mine overnight (with the addition of a few drops of apple cider vinegar).

When you're ready, simply blend the lentils and water together in a high speed blender.

Using a non-stick pan, using medium heat, add about three tablespoons of batter, and spread out like a crepe.

Cook time is under three minutes- flip at around the two minute mark when you see bubbles and the colour/texture has totally changed. The second side won't take as long.

C'est tout.

Of course you could go either way to make these sweet or savory- as you would make your normal crepes. Mine were savory and I added some spring onion, toasted cumin & carom seeds + a touch of miso paste, into the batter.

Idea for the sweet version: cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon rind, dates to sweeten? With maple syrup, honey or your favorite jam on top?

Enjoy as you wish!

NB: Should you wish to see a video, click over to this link, by Astro Vegan Cafe, where I got the recipe idea.




Thank you for making it down this far.

Through losing my last job, due to the corona, I make the shift to the online world with more purpose. This has become my new "job," a no-brainer, and something I've always loved to do, blog (as well as vlogging from time to time).

Should you subscribe, you'll find a range of things here, that speak to me and I feel are worthy of sharing with you. At present I'm working on blogs about a few noteworthy, down to earth doctors talking about all things current and beyond, as well as a blog about my experiences with food, stress-eating, "addiction," and ways to deal- (with thanks to the corona), and yes, I'll surely be delving more into the metaphyscial world.


**If you've written directly to me through the website, you will continue to receive posts, unless you change your mind and wish unsubscribe- which, of course I honor.

With great appreciation, and always in Universal Love with You.



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