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Food & Kids: Tricks & (sweet) Treats


The treat: Vanilla mousse.

The trick? 

1) #aquafaba (bean-water)- which, when whipped exactly the same as egg whites. 

2) sugar it- not too much, you only need a hint of sweetness. 

3) add chocolate shavings - less than a square of 70% dark chocolate goes a long way when shaved. 

4) pouring your own love into it, & making it together, is incomparable to anything storebought.

5) Nutritional value- who really actually knows, or cares? I don't.

Why would we set our kids up for the crap we went through with food?

Teach your #children the #love and art of food as opposed to fats, carbs, proteins, calories, sugar, dairy free, gluten free blah blah blahdy blah.

Food for thought, play together, have fun ;) 


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