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Good Morning, I love you~


You need not anything at all.  

You need not wear anything specific.

You need not shave your head.

You need not grow your hair long.

You need not prove yourself as anything other than you Are.

You need not chastise yourself.

You need not worry about “sin,” for in contrast is Universal expansion.  

You need not follow anyone or anything, for everyone and everything have their own way.

You need not eat special things, for all things are special when seen as perfect energy.

You need need not follow anyone or anything  x ∞

You need not proclaim anyone as greater than yourSelf - For you are already great, and as great as anyone you “believe” in

You need not practice anything or anyone’s heartworks, for you have your own and Are, whether you know it or not, led by IT.

There is but one truth. LOVE.

Your Are Love(d).

You Are Everything. You Are Always. You Are Eternal.

☮ <3 ∞

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