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It's Ok To Feel Bad, Just Don't Stay There Too Long~

Thanks so much for tuning in. After having done the audio recording for "Ascension & Physical Changes," and really breathing in the message myself, I decided to make this video as a sort of take away.

We're in a tremendous time of change and the most important thing is your feeling good. When you and I take care of ourselves, and genuinely feel good, we create a domino effect to those around us. That's how we change the world, by making the change within us first.

Be ever so gentle on You please. The body and the emotions that come of It are your greatest clue as to how you're truly doing. Pay attention to even the most subtle of messages.

I also mentioned a forgiveness mantra/prayer in this video, which has been so helpful for me. You can find it here: NB: Though I recorded this video before the spring equinox, the strong energies since are still at play, and will continue on.

Blessings and much love to you,

xxM ॐ♥

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