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Looking For You!

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

(For the shorter version, skip down to bolded text).

It is rather tongue in cheek, searching for a "Professional food Taster," though indeed it is part of what I'm looking for.

Whilst I am looking for someone to participate in my recipe creation process, I am also looking for a home to stay for a finite time.

A little background ~

After (just over) a year's pilgrimage back to my heart - my parents, in Canada, where I intertwined with five beautiful spirits, I returned to Slovakia.

Here too, I am with my Soul Family, of yet again 5 beautiful spirits.

Being in Stupava for the past six months, the winds of change have blown, and I graciously make my exit, having set my sights back to the capital, back to Bratislava.

Both experiences have been truly expansive and life changing experiences, beyond words.

Moving forward, with the experiences of the past (almost) two years, I am ready to take a ginormous leap of faith with what has now become a social project of sorts.

My intention is to move back to Bratislava, and stay with a complete stranger for a period of three months, in exchange for the most delectable (plant-based) food you've ever had - after which time, I shall take my spice bag, sewing machine, watercolours, and move right on. (Can provide references, should you wish).

For more details, do see the graphic below.

I look forward to coalescing with my new Food Taster, in his/her space, for a heartbeat.

At present time, I have at least half a dozen new recipes to test, (immediately!), including an updated version of my plant-based chocolate chunk cookies (baked & raw) - the rest is all top secret!

That said, not only recipe tasting, there's potential for tremendous inner growth, should one be open.

Here's the graphic for your consideration:

Should this resonate with you, drop me a line.

Final words~

My pilgrimage back home

taught me about wondering

And wandering.

Getting too comfortable

ceases them both.

With great joy

I continue moving.

A Gypsy

A Wanderlust

A Nomad

With my home in my heart

Sharing things I love

With gifts sent from above.


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