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Morning Conversation with MySelf

Updated: Mar 3, 2018


What is your intention for today?

To feel good.


It is in feeling good that life is joyous, peaceful and loving.

When I feel good, not only I, but the entire Universe benefits from that goodness.

How? How do you feel good?

By paying attention to my emotions, milking the ones that feel good, and simply being aware of and walking/talking myself through the ones that don’t feel good.

What do you mean by “milking?”

Well, when I’m in a situation that feels very good to me, I purposely take notice of all that is around me, and the goodness of it, and express that to myself. It’s been a practice to not only be aware of and grateful for the goodness in my life, but to bring about more of it, by simply doing so. It is we who create our own reality, not an outside force.

You just said a whole lot there, let’s start with your emotions. What do they mean to you?

Emotions are our direct connection to the spirit within, or God, Inner Being, Source- as you wish to call It. .

When I, for example am experiencing discord -feeling unhappy, frustrated, overwhelmed etc..- it is simply a sign that the Force within me has been trying to get my attention.

It is not the Force that is the cause of the discord, it is my disregard for It.

The emotion is the result of me ignoring myself, and distancing myself from the joy, love, peace that is my true divine nature.

Normally, we “milk” our negative feelings with our undeliberate focus upon them, which only perpetuates them. That which we focus upon is that what comes into existence, into reality, so to speak. It - our reality - is ours for the shaping. It is a matter of what we think, though most importantly how we feel, hence going back to the beginning, and closing this circle, I live my day with the sole intention of feeling good. There is nothing more or less to it.

Through my feeling good, the Universe and all that within It, expands.

Off you go kid, carry on feeling good.


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