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Morning Love Talk


As per my last recording, the present moment seems to be the theme, and well, it very much is. 

This short recording was done after recounting more bits of my dream last night. 

Suffice it to say, it was about doing things because we should, without question, with some sort of agenda, or motive, with hope of a specific outcome in the future. 

In my heart, I questioned the others in my dream. 

It was my young self, from public school, not understanding "the way," and maybe I should do as the others are doing.

I awoke, pondered it, let it go, and before my morning reading the words rolled out of me. 

All in all, whatever you do, do it with your all.

Hope not, because in hope is doubt.


Know that what you want -with all your heart and soul- is already yours. 

Of course, this simple idea involves a great amount of practice, so let us do just that. 

Let us practice doing/being with all our heart. 

The secrets to a harmonious life, are not secrets at all. 



Live Present Moment-ly.

Alignment with All That Is. 

♥ ☮∞


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