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"Our God Given Rights: To Love, To Gather, To Work" ~Paula Tucci

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Last weekend, I had the pleasure and honour of connecting with some like-minded

folk, and at the helm of it all, was a beautiful

soul called Paula Tucci, a retired public servant. More about Paula in the lower portion of the following graphic to the right.

The conversation was hosted by an group called Connecting Consciousness Canada, which is an extension of Connecting Consciousness (UK), initiated by a gentleman and his wife~Simon & Becky Parkes.

Simon served a full term as an elected official in British Parliament, and maintains ties to that world, whilst bridging the numerous gaps that exist within the fabric of our collective reality. CC aims to bring like minded folk together, to share, to create heart-centred communities, and to combine voices, across the globe, especially in the wake of the current situation of fear and/of v1rus pandemia. This is the last line of their vision statement:

"So we would like to see in a peaceful way, people beginning to put pressure where there is injustice. Why is it wrong to challenge injustice? It never is."

Very much in resonance with what CC stands for, I joined the Canadian contingent, some months back, but it wasn't until I got the notification about Paula Tucci, of Stand Up Canada, that I was nudged to participate, and am I ever so glad I did!

I was so very impressed by the organizers of CCCanada, (both the country and provincial coordinators), and felt immediately, that I was home. We commenced with a beautiful meditation led by an equally beautiful soul, called Summer, the purpose of which was to ground, connect and protect us. I cannot speak highly enough of this organization. (Please note, there are websites already for Norway, Sweden, Germany, Scotland & Denmark. Click here for the sites.

I paraphrase Paula's words from the gathering; never before in our existence, have we, as a collective, needed to know our rights.

So here we are. If you've scratched your head one too many times about purported censorship by social media giants, or about "rumours" of a the "odd" nutters protesting around the globe about lockdowns, testing, vaccinations...etc, then perhaps it's time to familiarize yourself with charter of rights and freedoms of the country in which you reside, and know them well.

Please take a moment to check out the website, accessed by clicking on either screenshot. Even if you are not in Canada, the information is still relevant. The top two pictures are from the "your rights," tab, whilst the final one is from "truth about covid." (In the next post, there is a video of Canadian doctors speaking up).

OCLA- Ontario Civil Liberties Association

Long gone are the days of traversing rabbit holes for conspiracy theory's, this is really going on.

Blessings, love and carry on- stay informed.


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Paula T
Paula T
Jul 25, 2021

love the info you have here, dear soul sister!

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