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Part 2 of 2: Almost Homeless

"If you're not being defined by a vision of the future, then you are left with the memories of your past and you'll be predictable in your life.
If you're not creating anything new that means you're believing in your past more than you're believing in your future."

Once again, the words of Dr. Joe Dispenza, a man who puts science behind what I so often call magic and mystics. It isn't- but it does seem magical. Truth of the matter is that we are far greater than we know. I've been saying this for years. We, right here and now, have superpowers beyond comprehension, and we only need tap into them.

It is so very much about the mind and our connection with our heart. I'll talk more about the heart connection in a video and for now, jump to the task at hand: "the how" of nearly homeless to today.

The answer: Writing (more than anything).

Writing was the way back into my heart.

In the short time that I was in my own flat (well, living solo), in sticking to my heart, and not selling my soul to make a quick dime to cover my expenses, whilst I did lose the flat, I gained mySelf.

In my "Starting from Scratch," I noticed at some point that my accounts were focused on either "what was," or the past. Seeing that I was perpetuating that which I was focusing upon, a "lack" mindset, including lack of self-worth, I started to change my story.

Not focusing on what was actually going on, (bleak as it was), I started to put my attention on all the things I did want. And look, it wasn't all bleak, there were triumphs, however, my general vibration was not where it is today, but I did write my way here, with the great knowing that I would always arrive to here and now, and even this moment is old news, as it is a manifestation of past good feeling thoughts and well being. My future depends on how I honestly feel right now. No word of a lie, ecstatic, in love, in peace, in harmony, aligned, in union with the greatest part of myself- The Driver ;)


A couple of months or so ago, in a beautiful little village outside of Salzburg, I opened the double doors out to the balcony where there was a picturesque view of a mountain straight ahead (and surrounding the village). I closed the doors, sat on the bed with my lap top by my side, smiling to myself remembering how I wrote down that idea just months prior. That I'd wanted freedom in my chosen "work," that I wanted to travel and work..

"Alakazam, alakazu, what you write down comes true for you..."

Well, such is the case for me anyhow, and with years of practice, but it needn't take years of practice, is what I wish for you to know.

The imagination is such a powerful powerful tool that you already have in your own bag of tricks. One only need begin and continue writing on purpose without the need for proof that things are changing. I promise you, they are, and should you stick to creating your own story, your story will be.come you. Everything starts in the invisible first, and then turns into a thing. Does that make sense?

Is it not worth a try, should you find yourself stagnant? To take a few minutes of your day preferably in the morning to write your life, one day at a time? Just for that day, never mind tomorrow or next week, month or year. Just one day at a time dear.

Wake up tomorrow morning and instead of just going in to your day, hoping things will turn out ok, write down what you want as if it's already happened. That meeting with your boss. How your kids are with you. How your partner is with you...Your ride to work...Whatever- use Your imagination, and turn life into a game. What have you got to lose?

This morning I awoke and did my usual routine of meditation, then writing, then stretching, before showering and heading out into the overcast day, smiling from inside out. I wrote nearly three pages about how extraordinary the day would be, about all the people I would meet, all that I was appreciative of. I gave thanks to my dear body, for her perfect functioning, I gave thanks for the food I would enjoy, the solitude, everything I could possibly think of, I wrote, smiling, and sometimes in tears, so overwhelmed with love and peace.

Before I lay me down to sleep I will write again, giving thanks for all that did happen. I so look forward to this, as today was full of beautiful beautiful synchronicites, which I'll recount in a vlog. I've come to experience that the more clear I am in the morning, the more I have to write about in the evenings of how spectacular the day was-and really it was, way more than I imagined. :)


Through the last months, words from my very own fairy tale have danced in my head. Insights, nudges, confirmations....You see, though I wrote and later self-published "Piyar & Soleil," years ago. A true story told in a fantastical way, there are parts of the story that I practice this very day, without having realized that I was living true to my fairy tale character. Neat, right?

But even in saying that, I cannot take full credit for that piece of writing. What I mean to say is that yes, I was the physical "writer," but really the story was coming through me. I would go to sleep as usual, wake up in the middle of many nights scribble in my book, fall back asleep and be blown away in the morning whence reading "my" writing.

Do you get what I'm saying here? Something takes over, something grand....that Great Universal Mind Substance, that I've referred to. Answers will come to you of things you've been searching, people come, ideas, insights....change.

You need not sign up for any course to make the change, great change in your life. You only need decide that you want to, and start writing your own story, because you know what sweetheart? If you're not writing You, everyone else is.

Start and stick to it, is all. And yes, it is that simple.

Write your heart out, your wildest dreams, and close your eyes, playing out the stories you write for you. And please, only write what you want. Any focus to what has happened is a waste of your precious energy, it's already old news. Again, focus on creating new stories, rather than retelling old ones.

Until next time, be well, be great- desire to thrive, as opposed to just survive. Your life is to be lived out joyously, with ease, with love, in peace. Write the change you wish for you, and don't forget to get out of the drivers seat, relinquishing control you don't have, so that you can be driven, so that you can just smile at the sights around you, and get off when the Driver stops the car for you, in places you dreamt of.

Make sense? Do comment, ask questions, what ever comes to heart. I'm here.

Lots of love,


I don't know if I'm lucky or what one might call it, but when I tune into something, I don't believe it, I know it.


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