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Practicing Self-Love

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

A few minutes ago, whilst about to prepare food, I got a fleeting pain in my leg.

Even before I could get both hands on the pain, I started to talk to it, acknowledging it. Moments later, both hands were on my leg, below the knee, standing on one foot. Disregarding the food, I sat down, and carried on talking to the pain. I thanked it for arriving, I honored it and gave it my respect & attention. I asked the pain to let me know what it needed of me. In all of this, I noticed the rainbow on the ground, and I smiled to myself, giving thanks over and over and over again. Pain is gone, rainbow is still here, I am here and now.

The Universe is always giving us signs- we only have to be open to receiving Its messages. May you be blessed with the love I have in my heart right now. Carry on dear ones, one "I love you," at a time, to and for yourself. Those you love (& the entire galaxy), will also receive your love when you tune into yourself. Imagine if we all do this...? XxManj


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