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Seva- Being of Service

January 13, 2018

Imagine my delight when we were walked through the pantry, and taken upstairs to the kitchen, at #Domec.   

I literally had to stop and ask,

"So when I understand you correctly we are cooking lunch for everyone...?"

I nearly fell out of my skin in excitement.  

If day 1 was exciting, -cooking with dear friends, old and new- day 2, my solo day, was incomparable.

I was like a kid in a candy store. Nothing could contribute more to my happiness.  

You see, I was finally doing something I'd contemplated and talked about for so very long, volunteering at a soup kitchen over Christmas- but not just serving food to my brothers and sisters without a home, I got to do what I love too ~ I got to pour my love into food that I was making, and then serve it up..

Dear #God, so humbling....


Domec -  not an overnight shelter, rather a space for those without a home to got to for a hot shower, warm food, laundry services, a place to hang out, a warm smile. 

It, along with other projects like Dobre Dobre - a cafe in central #Bratislava which employs folks without a home, and StreetWork - all fall under the NGO #Vagus, which has some serious angels on staff. 

A circle complete, I went from being the (english) voice of their homeless campaign called "Lost," to being of service in the way I had long imagined. incredibly humbling, blessed and loving experience, which I'll be doing again and again.

In the pantry I found lentils. 

Made a mushroom sauce with red pepper and roasted aubergine, herbs and nutritional yeast. 

Knowing my favorite ingredient wouldn't be in the pantry of Domec, I popped into Bioland, just up the road.

In my sheer childish excitement, I told Ivanka, who was working at the time, that I was just about to start cooking at Domec.

The darling, bless her heart, gave me two large paper bags full of gluten free bread, which were otherwise going to waste.

Hugs were exchanged and this was all early in the morning before I'd even begun. 

I cooked, served, cleaned. Chats were had, love vibes exchanged. Approximately forty people were fed...


Zivot je krasny. 

Heading back to Domec soon for another round of celebrating life through food. 

We are all fragments of the very same #Source.

With great #Love to and for you,


♥ ☮ ∞


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