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Slovak heARTist Feature: Petra Balogova

It's been long now since I've had the notion that this spectacular country is full of artists, many of whom have a "day-job," and then do their heARTworx in their spare time.

There are numerous examples to support this notion, and my focus today is on Petra Balogova.

A few days back, I got the impulse to get out and go for a walk.

I did so, with just my keys, and a few bucks in my pocket.

No purse, no wallet, no phone, no notebook, no watercolours nor pressed paper.

Pretty much just me myself and I- and so glad was I to have just been led, as I ended up right where I was meant to be, opposite the lovely and incredibly inspiring Petra.

She was just as happy that I'd walked into the cutesy artsy café that is "ART BISTRO," as she'd been thinking about lunch and how she'd be eating solo. No so, when I walked in. Feeling somewhat peckish, I asked her what she had, and was sold. Avocado on toast, with a watercress salad, and great company ;).

The good vibes were already in the air whilst she prepped and we chatted, then she sat down across from me and never stopped surprising me.

Our conversations went from self-love, to art, to the divine connection that occurs when we listen to the song of our soul, which only sings and shines when doing what we love. As often are such "random" encounters, it felt like we'd known each other for lifetimes.

~Or so, we have. ~

Petra told me that she was working in a regular office not all that long ago, and never would have imagined where she is today, and how fast. It's only been months since here entire life has flipped around, for the better, that is ~ though it's safe to say that this awakening process began around 2014 for her.

Pictured below are some of her works, some of which can be found at the Art Bistro, (or you can send Petra a message yourself with any inquiries).

Trademark HandTraces-

Petra has worked with clients from Australia to the States, as well as right here in Slovakia, with these beautifully detailed hands. Often times she ends up doing entire families, and those on the receiving end get more than just a drawing. It's really like a heart activation.

Petra consults with her client about all the things they love, receives a scan of their hand, and uses her imagination to "colour it in," sketching in the details the hold most dear.

She prefers to keep them in black and white (using ink on canvas), with just a dab of colour.

Next we have her stunning old wood sculptures:

She may have one floating around in the Bistro, though if it's there, someone's already bought it, as they get scooped up fast. Perhaps you'd be able to pre-order and you only need ask ;)


Next, and my favorite (at the moment) - the most beautiful bronze looking paper sculptures (not paper- mache, rather a dry technique that Petra learned some time back).

Petra is a self-taught artist, who's picked up tips and ticks over the years, through courses and workshops.

When she's not at ArtBistro, she's probably working away in her heART-space, or running a kids workshop.

Truly a beautiful soul, creating beautiful things from her heart to/for yours. Do reach out if something resonates, and surely, just pop on into the cafe for a coffee /cake whatever you please, and see for yourself what calls to your heart.

When asked what she really truly loves to do the most...? "Everything," she says. Sounds familiar ;).

Always a pleasure to share, fellow artists, and continued greatness to you Petra!


Art Bistro is run by Barbora, who also is an artist and creator herself, of beautiful jewelry, which is also available in store. One of the ladies would be there to welcome you :)

xxM ~


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