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Slovakia: Revolutionary Times

Not only do I love this country- I belong here.

Slovakia- the heart of Central Europe is an abundant country of nature, of love, of artists visionaries, and revolutionaries.

Never have I met so many people of one nation who were so in tune with themselves. There is an energy, a vibrancy of Slovakia, of her people that is special beyond description.


At present time, Slovakia undergoes a seemingly heavy transition, not unlike other countries in the world.

What may look like contrast, never is to the observant heart.

She is in transitory times, a butterfly, cracking through her delicate cocoon.

No matter how one sees it, The Golden Era is upon us.

Difficult times for the masses to deal with...?

Being in the birth canal wasn't easy either, though we passed through, some with difficulty, some with ease.

To the Slovak Nation: to (re)birth with ease, put your fists down, and allow yourself to be guided through to Heaven which awaits you- Heaven right here on earth.

Death, as we've been taught and led to believe is a farce, a lie to the nth degree.

Come on, don't you know how big you are? We are not simply "meat-packs."

We extend way beyond the physicality of our body.

That said, investigative journalist Jan Kuciak, and fiance Martina Kusnirova - who were "taken out," are right back in the state of love, in pure positive energy from which they (and we all) came forth.

(Especially to) journalists taking up Jan's work (but not limited to):

when we can stop being angry and vengeful about his (and Martina's death), he will be right in your ear, guiding/leading you forward in what he began.

Stop fighting against the perpetrators, against the government, against the mafia...make yourself open to Jan's presence, to the signs and clues that move us forward.

We all arrive here knowing of our purpose & those two souls left, not in vain, but for us to step forward in peace.

Change begins right here, right now, with You, Dear One.

Your attention and protesting of "the bad guys," only amplifies their power.

Go within.

One person in alignment with Source Energy, is far more able/creative/powerful than MILLIONS who are not.

There is much to be disclosed, and not just in Slovakia - the entire planet is awaiting our #awakening.

Be the power from which you came.

“Courage, dear heart.”

C. S. Lewis




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