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Surrender to Love

January 15, 2018

Everything is working Dear One~

It always has.

I am here

You are here

In existence.

We did this, remember.

Have faith and know

We would not be here without the ability to manifest,

and we have made the ultimate manifestation-

being in the physical

Do not forget so

And do not forget where you came From.

Never ever are we alone

For always, Source is right here and now

Giving us undivided attention

even when we notice not.

So take note my love

Take note of the small things,

the big things.

That you awoke this morning,

That you have shelter,

That the water is running and warm,

That the earth is still spinning,

That you see with your eyes,

That gravity is,

That you have the luxury to read these words,

That light dissipates dark-


at the flick of  a switch.

Turn on the switch Within

lighting your Self up,

See with your heart

and know.

Know that just as you showed up here

In physical form,

So too shall you

Show to yourself

All that your heart wishes.

Go back into the state of love,

surrendering the illusory control,

that was never even yours.

If you can believe

We are all  brothers and sisters,

Then allow

That from which you came-

Which is (no different from) You,

To serve You.

ALL that you wish and desire,

Is already yours.

The wall comes down

When you realize

There isn’t one.

There is no fight,

No us and them.

There is only Infinite Love.

And there is much here for you

You, who can release the idea of You.

For you/we,  are far greater.

Far greater than we’ve ever conceived.

You arrived on purpose,

with purpose.

Be still and know.

~Peace be still~

Very much love to you

and a song for your morning~


♥ ☮ ∞


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